DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 13:  Alma to Summerside, PEI

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The Bay of Fundy had been amazing so mom decided that we’d better drive along the coast to checkout Hopewell rocks too.

Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada
A view of Hopewell Rocks from the ridge above.

We arrived at Hopewell Cape before noon but were disappointed to find it very busy and touristy.  Fundy had been a rainy day, which may have kept the number of people down.  It was sunny and crowded at Hopewell.

Having said that, the interpretive center was well worth the stop.  We learned about the tides, the ocean, erosion, and birds in the area and even saw the cast of a Mastodon bone found in the area.

We checked out the flowerpot rocks.  It was a long walk down to them and we didn’t spend too much time looking at them, but the walk was nice and the girls enjoyed playing at the playground.

We hopped back in our truck and headed to our next province - Prince Edward Island (PEI).  In order to get there we had to cross the Confederation Bridge.  Daddy was very excited and stopped before hand to get a few pictures.

Confederation Bridge from the New Brunswick side.
Confederation Bridge from the New Brunswick side.

The ride across the bridge took 20 minutes and was very smooth.  We were all surprised that PEI was close enough to see from New Brunswick.

We arrived in PEI and immediately noticed all of the red dirt.  There had been some in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, but here the entire island was made out of it.  The joke was that if you had anything white – from socks to dogs it wouldn't stay that way for long.  I shuddered to think what Tasha’s ballet flats would look like at the end of this trip – first frog logs and now red dirt! We also oohed and aahed at all of the potato fields on the island and giggled a bit when we noticed the McCain’s buildings.  So this is where those smiley faced potatoes come from.

It was a short drive to our hotel in Summerside.  We spent some time sightseeing and shopping at the Warf and then we headed to the Two Brother’s restaurant for a dinner theater – musical comedy.

There were a lot of flies but the food was good and the show was better. We all thought they sang well and were surprised by how many instruments they played.

We settled into our room and tucked in the girls. It was only 9:15 so Darren and I decided to pop down to the lounge for a nightcap. We go there to discover it closed at 9:00! Island life.

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