DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 20:  Glenville to Keltic Lodge

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We’d enjoyed our early morning coffee so much on Friday that we decided to repeat it on our patio this morning.  It wasn’t as quiet as it was at Stonehame but the view was still very nice.

The Cabot Trail
The Cabot Trail

We shared a good breakfast at the restaurant and then set off on the scenic road toward the Cabot Trail.  We stopped just inside the national park at a very good visitor's center.  There were kid friendly and adult friendly displays discussing various aspects of the park - it was a good start to our visit of the park.

We really enjoyed the scenery and stopped frequently along the way.  It was a beautiful day, so we decided to take advantage of some of the interpretive walks in the park.

The first was the Acadian Trail.  It was about an hour long walk through the endangered Acadian forest showing some of the early Acadian settlers that lived here when the area first became a national park.  It was a nice walk through the forest and along the ocean.

Our second walk was even better; we went on a boardwalk through the highlands bog.  We saw bugs battling with each other, insect eating plants awaiting prey and the tracks of moose that also live in the bog.

Our third walk was the best of all; it was through and endangered hardwood forest.  There were 350 year-old maple trees and little baby maple trees.  There was also an old crofter’s hut (Scottish farmer) we could walk through.  It was like an enchanted, cheerful forest.

Our last walk turned out to be an overview not a walk.  It was still neat looking at the ocean crashing on the pink feldspar rocks.

The Keltic Lodge
The Keltic Lodge

We made it to our hotel by about 4:00.  The Keltic Lodge is supposed to be a very nice place to stay, but we were not overly impressed – I think one would need to stay more than one night in order to appreciate what they have to offer.

We did, however have a terrific time at the Highland Links golf course.  It is a public course, but is as good as just about as good as any private one.  Better yet, they make it easier for traveling, inexperienced families to enjoy the course without interfering with the more hardcore golfers.  We took advantage of their 6 holes at 6:00pm family golf package and had a hoot.  We even saw a moose mom and baby while we were golfing.

Then we got to drive through the rest of the course in our golf carts, admiring the scenery and bumping into a male moose – very neat and just what dad was hoping for.

We finished our night with supper at the hotel.  The restaurant was an odd combination – sort of snooty but oddly inconsiderate.  We had a hard time keeping a straight face when they raised their eyebrows at our clothing and then rattled silverware and set up the breakfast buffet while dinner was still underway *laugh*.

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