DLTK's Educational Activities - Mulla Nasruddin's Fables

Mulla Nasruddin's Fables

Mulla Nasruddin's Fables:

The window of a mosque, showing a starry night.


This Mulla Nasruddin fable is about Nasruddin's fascination with the universe, and the two men that join him in this admiration. One of them is caught in a moment of irony.


A fur coat.

Nasruddin Feeds his Coat

This Mulla Nasruddin fable is about Nasruddin and his fancy fur coat, which ends up being a more welcome guest to a party than he is.


A colt.

The Colt

During a very tiring trip, Nasruddin breaks down and prays for a horse to ride on for the rest of the journey. In the end, he is provided with something entirely different.


A lamp and a key.

The Lamp and the Key

Nasruddin loses his house key, and a friend decides to help him look for it. However, Nasruddin might not be looking in the best spot...


A mosque.

The Three Fridays

Nasruddin has one job on Friday: to present a sermon to his mosque. However, he is desperate to find any way out of actually preparing anything.


A donkey.

You Can't Please Everyone

An old man and his son are travelling to a faraway town along with their donkey. Wait until you hear what people think about that!