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Squirrel coloring pages

Squirrel Crafts for Kids
Squirrels and Acorns paper craft

Autumn Branch:  Squirrels and Acorns Paper Craft

Age 3+

squirrel and leaves craft 

Leaf Squirrel Paper Craft

Age 2+

autumn three dimensional paper craft

Squirrel Fall 3D Craft

Age 4+

squirrel maze

Squirrel Maze

squirrel paper craft

Squirrel Paper Craft

Age 2+

squirrel craft

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

Autumn Squirrel Wreath Craft

Squirrel Wreath

Age 4+

Squirrel Games and Puzzles:
squirrel jigsaw puzzle

Squirrel Activities for Kids
On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles


Songs and Poems About Squirrels:


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