DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Pioneer and Colonial Crafts

covered wagon

Covered Wagon Craft

Farm animals

Farm Animals Crafts

quilt craft

Grandma's Quilt Paper Craft

Age 2+

log cabin craft

Log Cabin Milk Carton Craft

Age 3+

pioneer school

Pioneer Schools:  A note from Amanda

(have the children write back to Amanda)

Age 5+

qq is for quilt coloring page

Q is for Quilt coloring page

school house paper craft

School House Paper Craft

Age 2+

Use this simple little red schoolhouse to spark a discussion about what school might have been like in Pioneer Days.

This is a good craft to go with "A Note from Amanda"

Star fold and cut craft

Star Shape - Fold and Cut Craft

Age 6+

Learn about Betsy Ross, George Washington and the 5 point star!

Pioneer Games and Puzzles:
Pioneer jigsaw puzzles

Pioneer Activities for Kids
On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Pioneer Songs and Poems:

Songs and Poems

Poem:  The Runaway

Song:  Quilter Song


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