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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Fold and Cut Star Shape

fold and cut starThanks to Cheryl for sending this in!

Use this star as an alternate center to the USA Wreath.  It makes the Wreath a more challenging project for children ages 6+.


A Little Bit of History:

A 6 point star is easier to fold than a five point one.  George Washington's original pencil sketch for the US flag indicated 6-pointed
stars.  Betsy Ross, suggested a 5 point one.  When people protested that it was too hard to make, she grabbed a piece of paper, made the folds that follow and showed just how easy it was to make a 5 pointed star!

fold paperMarks where the folds will be are black dotted lines.  Marks where crease marks are visible are thin red lines




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