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A return letter to Amanda.

July 4, 2006

Hello Amanda.

My name is Kaitlyn.  I am going into grade 4.  I have one sister.  She is older than me.  Her name is Tasha.  She is going into grade 7.

In my school there are more than 10 teachers!  So there are still schools.  Now there is more than 1 classroom in a school.  There is a classroom for every teacher to teach in.  Now teachers do not need to share another person’s house.  They get their own house.  Now there are holidays and weekends.  There is summer break and the long weekend.  Right now I am on summer break and once summer is over I go to grade 4.  It is going to be a blast.

In my class no boys dipped girls hair into ink.  But I heard that in my sisters class a guy sucked on a black marker in his mouth and now his teeth are stained.

My teacher Mrs.  Robertson gives us our books but my mom and dad have to pay for them at the start of the year.

Now we have furnaces and air conditioners.  Furnaces are something that keeps the school warm and air conditioners are something that keeps the school cold.

Now we bring our lunches in lunch bags, instead of syrup buckets and we get driven to school either in a car or a bus.

You’re right there still is recess.  That is the best part of the day.  Do you agree?

Well looks like it sure has changed in 100 years.  It will probably be even more easier 100 years from now.



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