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#022 Fearow Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Onidrill

Type: Normal/Flying

Species:  Beak

Height: 3' 11"

Weight: 84 lbs

EvolutionSpearow evolves to Fearow at level 20

Description:  With its huge and magnificent wings, it can keep aloft without ever having to land for rest.  With its majestic wingspan, Fearow can glide for long periods of time. At higher experience it can use its Mirror Move ability to duplicate an enemy's attack.

Advantages:  Grass, Fighting, and Bug

Disadvantages:  Electric, Rock, and Ghost

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Peck Flying
- Growl Normal
- Rolling Kick Fighting
9 Leer Normal
15 Fury Attack Normal
25 Mirror Move Flying
34 Drill Peck Flying
43 Agility Psychic



Level Move Type
- Peck Flying
- Growl Normal
- Leer Normal
- Fury Attack Normal
26 Pursuit Dark
32 Mirror Move Flying
40 Drill Peck Flying
47 Agility Psychic




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