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#086 Seel Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Pawou

Type:  Water/Ice

Species:  Sea Lion

Height: 3' 07"

Weight:  198.0 lb

Seel evolves to Dewgong at level 34

Advantages:   Ground, Flying, Dragon

Disadvantages:  Fire, Electric, and Grass

Description:  The horn protruding on its head is very hard.  It is used for bashing through thick ice.  Seel hunts for prey in the frigid sea underneath sheets of ice.  When it needs to breathe, it punches a hole through the ice with the sharply protruding section of its head.

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Headbutt Normal
30 Growl Normal
35 Aurora Beam Ice
40 Rest Psychic
45 Take Down Normal
50 Ice Beam Ice



Level Move Type
- Headbutt Normal
5 Growl Normal
16 Aurora Beam Ice
21 Rest Psychic
32 Take Down Normal
37 Ice Beam Ice
48 Safeguard Normal



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