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Contributed by a JoAnna. Thanks for sending this in!

I finally mastered a construction worker treat and wanted to share it with you. I WISH I had a digital camera so I could send a picture... He turned outsoooo cute!!! Please share this with others (& enjoy it yourself). I'm sure there are lots of moms out there who will love this.

(No Picture Available)

Construction Worker Snacks
 • Rice Krispie Square
 1.  I made Rice Krispie treats (following the directions on the cereal box) and pressed them in my largest
     cookie sheet to cool. This made them very thin and easier to cut.
 2.  Next I used my largest round cookie cutter (about 5") to trace a circle on a piece of cardboard. I added
     small half-circles on each side for ears and then cut out my template.
 3.  I placed the template on the Rice Krispie treats and cut the EARS OUT FIRST (much easier that way) then
     the rest of the head.
 4.  Depending on the size of your template and cookie sheet, you will get 6-8 heads.
 5.  Next I mixed yellow food coloring (lots of it) with vanilla icing. I put this on the top half of the head
     (starting just above the ears).
 6.  Then I used black icing (the kind that you can write with) to outline the hard hat. To get an idea of
     where to put these lines I looked at your handyman TP roll template.
 7.  Finally I added eyes a nose and a smile just like your template.


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