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This one is great for girl guide/scout camps!

We use this for our Cub scouts on outdoor cooking adventures. They "build" their own packets and clean up is a breeze.
For some additional folding diagrams click here.

Campfire Hobo Packets
 • ground beef
 • baby carrots
 • cubed potatoes
 • onions
 • canned green beans
 • salt
 • pepper
 • **aluminum foil
 1.  Pull off enough aluminum foil to make a
     single serving packet. I usually use a
     double layer of foil because we always
     eat right out of the packets.
 2.  Crumble raw ground beef onto foil.
 3.  Add baby carrots, onions, potatoes,
     green beans and season to taste. Each
     person can add ingredients to their
     liking since these are individual
 4.  Fold edges together
 5.  Roll the edges together two or three times so steam won't escape
 6.  Roll the ends two or three times so steam won't escape (HELP)
 7.  Place packet on the grill or over the open fire for about 30 minutes or until the beef has had time to
     cook completely.
 8.  Fold triangles into the four corners
 9.  Unroll the center folds and open up so you have a bowl
 10. Eat with a spoon (so you don't puncture holes in the foil).
 11. Clean up is a snap -- you only have a spoon to wash!!


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