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Thanks to Sharla for sharing this recipe with us.

This recipe makes about 50-60 cake pops. You will need a chocolate cake recipe or store bought cake to go with this recipe.
More photos availalble to help you with your preparation.

Chocolate Cake Pops
 • chocolate cake
 • 40-60 wooden sticks
 • melting chocolate wafers
Cream Cheese Icing:
 • 4oz. cream cheese
 • 2 tsp. vanilla
 • 1/4 cup butter
 • 2 cups icing sugar

 • Styrofoam block
 • Sprinkles or something to decorate with
 1.  Make the chocolate cake recipe or any
     cake mix that fits a 9x13 pan.
 2.  After its cooled cut the cake and put in
     a bowl. Then crumble it up more with
     your hands.
 3.  Make the cream cheese icing (or you can
     buy frosting) and pour over the cake and mix well.
 4.  Form balls and place the wooden sticks in the end. Place on a cookie sheet and freeze for at least 2-3
     hours. (It will be easier to ice them if they're frozen).
 5.  Melt chocolate or make icing and dip the cake pops to cover.
 6.  Allow the cake pops to "dry" standing up if possible. I realized just as I was melting the chocolate
     that I didn't have any styrofoam to place them in so I used a egg carton which worked pretty well. By
     the time it was full of cake pops they were dry and I could replace them with new ones.
 7.  Sprinkle or ice as you please.
 8.  Refridgerate or freeze until you're ready to serve.


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