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Contributed by Helen. Thank-you!

Helen said: "The following recipe comes from Mary Contini’s new book entitled ‘Easy Peasy, Sweetie Pie’. I’m a big fan of this talented Scottish writer who has a passion for improving the diet of children in particular and making them realize that its fun to cook and ‘easy peasy’ to make simply delicious food." "Easy Peasy Sweetie Pie" by Mary Contini is published by Ebury Press, London.

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Grumpy Angel's Breakfast
 • strawberries, raspberries or blackberries or a slice of ripe melon
 • a kiwi fruit
 • an apple
 • some grapes
 • a peach
 • 6 tablespoons of yogurt
 • 1 tablespoon of Crunchy Munchies (separate recipe)
 1.  Rinse any soft fruits or berries and throw away the stalks and any moldy fruit.
 2.  If you want to, peel the skin off the fruit you are using. If not, just wash the skin well.
 3.  Put the fruit into the mixing bowl and squash it down with a fork.
 4.  Chop all the fruit into bite-sized pieces, cutting away any pits or seeds.
 5.  Put it into the mixing bowl as you go.
 6.  Prepare as much fruit as you like.
 7.  Add yogurt.


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