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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Spicy Hamburgers

Thanks to Shantelle for sending this in!

I typically use store bought hamburger patties, but when we have a big backyard BBQ, the kids and I like to get our hands a bit messy making our own.  They love to pat the patties into shape and brag to grandma and grandpa about the job well done.


Combine hamburger, peppers and chili powder and shape into 1/2 inch patties (it should make 12).

Slice tomatoes into thin slices (about 12)

BBQ until no longer pink (about 15 minutes).  During the last minute, sprinkle each pattie with cheese.

Optional:  Lightly toast hamburger buns.

Put tomato and pattie on bun.  Garnish with mustard, ketchup and/or relish as desired.


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