DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 1:  Calgary to Roger's Pass

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Yoho National Park, British Columbia
Photo by Leanne

We set out in the morning from Calgary.  The girls were good in the van (fingers crossed for the rest of the trip).  We gave them each $5 to spend today – they get to buy a post card each day and then they can spend the rest as they see fit.  We’re hoping this will cut down on the “Can I buy this? Can I buy that?”...begging and pleading.  We stopped for an on the road lunch at McDonalds in Canmore and then continued our adventure.  We didn’t stop again until we reached the Spiral Tunnels in B.C.

Daddy explained to all of us that trains used to lose their brakes coming down the steep mountainside.  So the railroad cut tunnels right through the Mountain! They used dynamite to blast the tunnels.  The spiral tunnel goes circles inside the mountain.

We continued our drive through the mountains.  We saw lots of rock slide areas.  There was a chain mesh cover on the side of the road in some places to keep the rocks from falling onto the road.  We stopped again near a river/lake area in Yoho National Park.  There was a little bridge we could walk over.  We threw rocks in the water, mommy took some photos and the girls each chose a rock to take home.  Daddy sure can throw far!

We finally made it to Glacier National Park.  We drove up, up, up the mountain and through a whole bunch of tunnels.  It was neat! Mom figured out the tunnel’s were there to keep avalanches off the road.

We reached the hotel at Rogers Pass.  They had an outdoor swimming pool that we used right away.  We had it all to ourselves.  After we changed we walked over to the interpretive center.  It was snowing huge fluffy flakes! The center had stuffed animals, including a wolverine.  We watched an interesting movie about the National Parks we had visited that day.

We had a great supper at the hotel dining room.  They must not get many kids because the girls got free stuffed bears!

P.S.  Kaitlyn called her bikini a “coccoony” – New word!

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