DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 8:  Victoria to Abbotsford

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Abbotsford - source: wikipediaWe got up fairly early this morning and checked out of the hotel. Mommy gave the girls a choice between visiting a museum or the beach.  The girls chose the beach.

They spent some time playing with the driftwood and the rocks.  Mommy and daddy walked down the beach a ways so mommy could sneak up on a seagull and snap a photo (or six).  Kaitlyn wasn’t too fond of the cool ocean breeze or the sand tickling her toes so we headed up to the grassy playground area.  After a few slides and swings we headed off for the ferry back to the mainland.  We arrived well in advance so we had some time to do shopping and play at the ferry terminal playground.

We boarded the "Spirit of British Columbia", the biggest and newest ferry in the whole fleet.  We headed for the dining room for lunch where we found a great buffet with a view out the ferry window.  Mommy even saw a bald eagle flying near the shore.

We had a long confusing drive to Abbottsford.  Daddy said he didn’t need any help finding his way and promptly went the wrong way.  Mommy decided she’d navigate again and we got back on track.  The drive was a bit slower because the road was very windy.

We checked into our Abbotsford hotel and discovered we were sharing the hotel with a lacrosse team.  It was a very noisy night!

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