DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 9:  Abbotsford to Osoyoos

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Osoyoos - source: wikipediaWe left Abbotsford after enjoying our complimentary breakfast.  The trip to Osoyoos was shorter than we expected.  We followed the Fraser River all the way there.  We drove through Manning provincial Park where we enjoyed walking on the Rhododendron Trail where we saw Rhododendrons growing wild and read some information about lichen.

Then we walked on the Beaver Pond Trail.  There were old dams but no beavers in sight.  There was a family of mallards that were fun to watch.  The little ones hopped out of the water and snapped the bugs.  Mommy got a close up photo of a dragonfly - I hope it turns out!

As we got closer to Osoyoos, we noticed a lot of sagebrush and irrigation.  There were many fruit orchards and vineyards.  When we arrived in Osoyoos we discovered it is the only desert area in Canada.  Luckily, there was a huge lake in the middle of the desert.  Our hotel was right on the beach so we hopped into our bathing suits.

The lake was very warm (we discovered it’s the warmest freshwater lake in Canada with average summer temperatures of 24 degrees C).  It was also shallow a long ways out, so there was lots of room to play.  The hotel had free inflatable toys.  The girls floated on the lake for awhile.  Tasha enjoyed paddling her raft and Kaitlyn preferred mommy to push it.  Then we played in the sand building castles, moats, waterfalls and even a swimming pool.

We ordered room service and turned in for the night after we all had baths.

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