DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 10:  Osoyoos to Nelson

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Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, British Columbia photo by Leanne GuentherHappy Fathers Day!!  In the morning we took Daddy for breakfast and then let him decide whether we should visit the hotel swimming pool, return to the beach or explore the desert.  Daddy picked the swimming pool.  It was the biggest we’d been to yet.  We had fun playing frozen tag and tossing the ball around.

We packed up again and headed for our campground just past Nelson BC.  It was a pleasant drive and we arrived in plenty of time to visit the beach, play at the playground and set up camp.  We didn’t spend much time at the beach since the water was so much colder than the last lake.  We had picked a campground across the road from the playground, so the kids got loads of playing in.  We discovered our camping area had a resident squirrel which mommy managed to snap a couple shots of.

Mommy struggled with the campfire but finally managed to get it started.  The park ranger stopped by with dry wood and a warning that the squirrel wasn’t the only wildlife in the area.  There were also couple bears, though they aren’t to aggressive.

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