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Wales and Saint David's Day Ideas

Generic Wales Activities:
dragon coloring page

Dragon Coloring Pages

The Red Dragon is a heraldic symbol of Wales and is considered their national animal.

shiled craft

Dragon Shield

full sized paper mache shield for dress up or costumes

Age 4+

jigsaw puzzles  On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles


Recipe for "Cawl Cennin"
(Leek Soup)

wales printable activities

Wales Printable Worksheets

Word Mining 
Word Search  

St.  David's Day Activities:

Saint David's day is celebrated by Welsh people on March 1st each year.  Saint David is the patron saint of Wales.

I know Saint David was a monk, but I'm not all that sure what he looked like when he was young, so I took a wild guess.

saint david

About Saint David

coffee filter daffodil

Daffodil Coffee Filter

Age 4+

Daffodil Craft

Age 4+

daffodil pinwheel craft

Daffodil Pinwheel

Age 4+

jigsaw puzzles  St.  David's Day On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

saint david's day coloring pages

Saint David's Day Coloring Pages

saint david craft

Saint David Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

knight craft

Knight Paper Craft

Age 2+

knight toilet paper roll craft

Knight Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+