DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Go Fishing!

For this fishing trip, you won't even need to buy a license!

See the Gone Fishing game for an alternate version with fish templates that have points on them




There are a few variations of the game that you can play.  

    • This is like the carnival game.
    • Write a number on each fish and on a piece of paper, match each number with a small prize.
    • Make sure contestants are old enough that they don't start fighting/crying over the prizes (can you tell I have a 2 year old *sigh*)
    • Split your fishermen into teams (ex:  red team and blue team).
    • Make your fish red and blue.
    • Let each person catch one fish. 
      • If they catch their colour, they keep it.
      • If they catch the other colour, they throw it back.
      • Pass the rod onto the next team member (you can put the teams away from the fishing area so they have to run too)
      • Keep doing this until one team (the winners) have caught all their fish.
  3. FISHING FOR POINTS (good for teaching math!):
    • Write a number on each fish (the numbers should be single digits for young kids and double digits for older kids)...  You can set up a pond with separate fishing areas for young and old if you have a group with varying ages/skill levels.
    • Let contestants catch 2 fish each
    • Make the contestants ADD their fish (if you're fishing from two fishing holes, multiply the single digit scores by 10 before comparing them to the double digit scores).
    • Highest point with correct math wins!


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