fourth of july wreath

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USA Patriotic Wreath

This toilet paper roll wreath provides a great way for your children to decorate the house for the Fourth of July or other patriotic American celebration.   The diameter of the completed wreath is about 15 inches.

This craft is fun for older children (and adults!) - Age 6+.  There are quite a few steps that younger kids (Age 2+) can help with, but they won't be able to do the craft independently.  This is a good family project!

This fun wreath is made with, you guessed it, TP ROLLS!!  Everyone in my family has been collecting them for me and we ended up with a whole bunch of extra ones.  I was stumped for a way to use them!



craft image
  • ADULT:  Take each toilet paper roll and cut a slit HALFWAY through
  • Optional:   Paint toilet paper rolls.  You can see from the finished craft that not much shows through, but my kids have fun painting, so we painted them all shades of blue, red and white.
  • Let dry.
bend coat hanger
  • ADULT:  Bend the coat hanger to form a circle.
  • Using the slits cut halfway through the rolls, slide each of your tp rolls onto the hanger to form a big circle of toilet paper rolls.
  • Optional:  Take a bit of masking or scotch tape and tape the tp rolls together.  (tape the openings of the toilet paper rolls on the inside of the circle together).  This will keep the rolls from spinning around while you're working.  If you choose not to do this, the paper stars will keep everything from spinning on the finished craft 
assemble wreath
  • The image shows how the toilet paper rolls are assembled (I think it's the one we did for Halloween).  In this case, the rolls would be red and/or white but the assembly is the same.
  • Cut out many stars.  We made ours by printing one of the color templates.
  • One person can be doing this part while another (daddy *grin*) is assembling the tp roll wreath base.
  • Glue all the stars onto the toilet paper roll base, overlapping so it's nice and full.
  • Tie a bow on the top if you want to.


Template     (color)   or   (B&W)


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