Easy Penguin Craft

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Penguin Paper Craft  (Circles practice) 

This craft is suitable for households that don't celebrate Christmas (and for those that do!).   It's also a great craft to pull out for the younger sibling while the older one works on the tp roll version.

CLICK to see a larger photo of the finished craft (made by Tasha at Age 5 with construction paper).  Close the photo window once you have finished viewing to get back to this page.

Kaitlyn (Age 2) also made one.  I often have people indicate that their children are "unable" to make the craft.  When determining whether the craft is appropriate, focus on the level of enjoyment, pride and attention-span of the child not the perfection of the finished product.  Kaitlyn's penguin isn't perfect but she sure had fun making it and was very proud to make the same craft as her big sister!!  CLICK to see a large photo of hers.

Click here to see a photo of Rene's penguin -- she glued it on blue construction paper and added a bit of white paper under the feet as an ice flow!


Optional materials: 



Template   (color)   or   (B&W)


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