DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Handprint, Fingerprint and Footprint Crafts

Keep in mind that handprints are different sizes depending on the age of the child, so your projects might turn out a little differently than the ones pictured (they'll still turn out nicely though!)

A suggestion from Carmela...
"Just wanted to add an idea for a fingerprint craft.  I have lots of stamp pads for scrapbooking and tried the fall tree with some of my oranges and browns, etc.  It works great and is less messy than paint!  And here is how it turned out."
Thanks Carmela

fingerprint fish bowlFingerprint Crafts:

Fingerprint Cards for Mom

Fingerprint Crafts  
(Directions for making many different fingerprint characters)

Fingerprint Holly Craft or Gift Tag

Fingerprint Penguin Craft or Gift Tag

Fingerprint Poppy Craft

Fingerprint Shamrock Craft

Fingerprint Swan Craft

Fingerprint Turkey Craft

Fingerprint Reindeer Craft/Gift Tag

Heart and Cup Crafts

Lovebug Craft

Spring/Summer Thumbprint Craft

Thumbody Loves Us Craft


ghost footprint craft

reindeer craft




hen craft


handprint hanging


Spooky Spider Handprint Craft


dragonfly craft


bat craft


may day basket

Footprint Crafts:

Bumblebee Footprint Craft

Footprint Ghost Craft

Footprints Poem

Handprint and Footprint Crafts:

Handprint and Footprint Angel

Handprint and Footprint Peacock

Handprint and Footprint Reindeer

Handprint (and Footprint) Turkey

Handprint Crafts:

Handprint Autumn Tree

Handprint Bald Eagle

Handprint Bat Craft

Handprint Bumblebee Craft

Handprint Butterfly Craft

Handprint Campfire Craft

Handprint Canadian Flag

Handprint Cave Drawings

Handprint Chick Craft

Handprint Christmas Tree

Handprint Crow Craft

Handprint Dove Craft

Handprint Dove Craft - version2

Handprint Dragonfly Craft

Handprint Duck Craft

Handprint Earth Craft

Handprint Easter Egg Basket

Handprint Fish Card

Handprint Flower Basket

Handprint Flowerpot Craft

Handprint Garden Craft (Grandparent's Day)

Handprint Goose Craft

Handprint Hen Craft

Handprint Hummingbird Craft

Handprint Lilies

Handprint Lamb Craft

Handprint Masks

Handprint Owl Craft

Handprint Palm Tree Craft

Handprint Peacock Craft

Handprint Penguin

Handprint Poems various craft ideas

Handprint Rainbow

Handprint Raven Craft

Handprint Sailboat Card
(replace DADDY in the message with whoever the recipient is)

Handprint Santa Claus Craft

Handprint Spider Craft

Handprint Sunflower Craft  (viewer suggested option)

Handprint Sunshine Craft

Handprint Swan Craft

Handprint Tisket, Tasket Basket

Handprint Tulip Craft

Handprint Turkey (with Poem)

Handprint Turkey 2 (with poem)

Handprint Turkey 3 (with poem)

Handprint Vulture Craft

Handprint Winter Tree

Handprint Wreaths