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Swan Handprints Craft

contributed by Kailey

swan handprints craft

The dollar store is a great resource for finding feathers, glitter and other inexpensive decorations for all your crafting needs. Glitter makes everything better! If it were up to me, I'd add a bit of glitter to every craft we make. Silver is perfect for swans but gold, blue, pink... whatever you happen to have... are all fun too!

OK... maybe glitter doesn't make EVERYTHING better. We had an "incident" when Kaitlyn was about 4 years old. She "borrowed" mommy's special gold glitter. It was grown up glitter that's finer (smaller particles) and more expensive than the children's glitter you buy at the dollar store. It was more like gold dust... and Kaitlyn, in her wonderful imaginative way, blew it all over her bedroom... I wish I could have peered inside her brain to experience the wonderful fantasy world that must have been a part of her experience in that moment. Everything was covered in gold dust and despite my best attempts to clean it all up we were still finding glitter in her bedroom nearly a decade later!

It was a horrifyingly wonderful parenting experience and is likely at least partially responsible for my ongoing love of glitter!



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