Fingerprint Characters

When I originally did crafts like the "Thumbody Loves Me" one, I gave photos of the finished projects, but not step by step directions on how to make various creatures with fingerprints.

After receiving a few requests from people who couldn't make out how the critters were made, I've put together this little section with some ideas for how to make different fingerprint pictures.

Apple Tree

fingerprint bumblebee


fingerprint butterflies




two side by side index finger prints
two side of pinkie print legs, tail and neck
(use the side of the pinkie)

full pinkie print for the head

caterpillar fingerprint craft


alternate finger prints in two different colors.  Dot on legs, face and antenna with marker

Cherry Tree


(three white finger prints in a row with two white finger prints in a row just above = cloud)

fingerprint fish bowl


Draw a light bowl outline with pencil if you like.

Do bottom row of red/green/etc 'gravel' pinkie prints

make rows of blue index finger prints

alternate in a few fish...  Index finger print + two pinkie prints for the tail.

fingerprint flowers


four index finger prints in an x shape for the flower

two index finger prints in a v shape for the leaves

draw a stem and center with marker or paintbrush

fingerprint heart


fingerprint ladybug


index finger print + tip of pinkie print for the head -- add black dots with marker

for wings, stamp pinkie finger in red paint then stamp lots on a piece of paper towel to get most of the paint off.  Stamp over the body to make a light red wing.

fingerprint rabbit


thumbprint body
index finger head
side of index finger for ears
tip of pinkie for arms and legs

fingerprint snake


(green finger print, brown sideways pinkie print)  Continue the pattern to make the snake.  Dot on a black eye and tongue with marker.

Spider on His Web


(gentle yellow finger print for the sun)

fingerprint autumn tree

Tree (fall)

see Tree (summer) but with different colors

Tree (spring)

see Apple Tree but with pink blossoms instead of red apples

Tree (summer)


(white thumbprint plus two pinkie prints for the tail and blue finger prints below for the water)