fingerprint butterflies

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Fingerprint Butterflies

The picture to the right is a photograph of the finished craft.  The diagram instructions are drawn.  (drawings load faster than photos over the internet)

Press firmly for this project.  Firm presses make oval shapes, gentle presses make circle shapes.

Stamp your index finger in paint (you can see that in the butterfly to the right we pressed in orange paint and in the butterfly to the left and in the middle we pressed in mixed paints (red and yellow)).

Make one stamp on the paper at a slight angle.

Make a second stamp, overlapping the first at the opposite angle

Stamp your pinkie or second last finger in paint.

Make a third stamp below the first at an angle downward.

butterfly fingerprint craftMake a fourth stamp overlapping the third at the opposite angle

butterfly fingerprint craftWith a black marker or thin paintbrush and black paint, draw a  body and antenna to finish off the project.

Make Fingerprint butterflies on cards on cards or painted terra cotta pots.  You can even mix egg white and food color and make them on sugar cookies!  Just make sure not to lick your fingers.

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