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The Dancing Digimon
(Episode 11) 

Joe and Gomamon are floating in the ocean on his bed. Joe's sea-sick, and Gomamon's been eating all the food.  They think their luck has changed when a crate floats near, but out pops Ogremon!  He smashes the bed into pieces and tries to attack Joe.  Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon, drives Ogremon off, and sets out for land.  He's still weak,
though, and he soon runs out of energy and digivolves back to Gomamon. Gomamon and Joe start to sink beneath the waves.

Sora is fishing when she catches something big. It turns out to be Joe. While he sleeps, Gomamon tells how he couldn't keep awake.  When Sora's hook drifted near him, he tied it to Joe and hung on until they were pulled to shore.  He says that Joe's confidence has been shaken.  To correct that, they nominate him as leader of their little band.

When Joe awakes, they head for what appears to be a church on top of a hill.   When they arrive, they find people wearing masks dancing in the courtyard. Someone dressed in white robes escorts them to the sanctuary, where other people are paying homage to Lord Bakemon, a ghost digimon.  Gomamon and Biyomon voice their opinions of the
creepy digimon, and the priest reveals his true identity -- one of the Bakemon!

The Bakemon attack, but Gomamon and Biyomon are out of energy.  The Bakemon swarm over the kids. Gomamon and Biyomon are thrown in prison.  They trick the dopey Bakemon guard into letting them have food and the keys.  Meanwhile, Joe and Sora are tied up as a sacrifice! The Bakemon all combine to form Lord Bakemon himself, whose true form has never been seen before. Gomamon and Biyomon arrive and digivolve, but they're not powerful enough to defeat Bakemon.

Joe remembers a chant that can make Bakemon lose his power, and as he chants, Bakemon slowly shrinks.  While he's weakened, the digimon attack and destroy him.  When he disappears, the ground splits, revealing a mass of Black Gears.  The gears shatter, and the island starts moving back toward Infinity Mountain.




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