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Episode 12

Digi-Baby Boom
(Episode 12) 

When the kids were separated by Devimon, T.K. and Patamon were sent flying to an island away from all the others. T.K. is worried about the others and scared, and he starts to cry. Patamon wishes he could do something, but in his current form, he's not powerful enough. He thinks of Biyomon, who would digivolve and fly them away, but that only makes him start to cry. T.K. is surprised that Patamon wishes he could digivolve, and he suggests a few digivolutions. They don't cheer Patamon up, but the two decide to explore the island.

They find a village filled with children's toys. They have fun for a while, but Patamon reminds T.K. that they need to search for the others. When they look around the village, they discover dozens of baby digimon, Botamon, Punimon, Poyomon, and Yuramon, all being raised there. The babies start to get hungry, and the two of them are hard pressed to keep them quiet.

By the river, Elecmon is hunting fish for the babies. He uses his Super Thunder Strike to capture loads at a time. When he returns to the village, he finds everything in chaos and attacks T.K. and Patamon. They dodge away, but Elecmon has a short temper. He and Patamon start fighting again. T.K. doesn't want anyone to fight, so he makes the two settle their differences in a tug-of-war. Patamon wins the tug-of-war, and Elecmon surrenders. He realizes that Patamon wasn't at the village to try to take it over from him, and he becomes more amiable.

T.K. announces that he's going to go to Infinity Mountain and ask Devimon about his brother. Elecmon tries to discourage him, but T.K. decides that the power of laughter can overcome any evil. After staying a little while more, T.K. and Patamon leave for Infinity Mountain, and Elecmon departs for the Yokomon village. As T.K. and Patamon are getting ready to leave, Leomon arrives on the orders of Devimon to try to kill the two of them...


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