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The Legend of the Digidestined
(Episode 13) 

T.K. and Patamon are still in Primary Village. They hear a crash, look up and see Leomon. T.K. and Patamon run into the forest trying to hide themselves. Ogremon is close by and calls out to the two. He holds a Poyomon in his hand and threatens to do something really nasty to the Digimon baby. Leomon finds T.K. and Patamon and they start running again. Patamon tries to protect T.K. with his Boom Bubble, but he's really no match for Leomon.

Out of nowhere Garurumon, with Matt on his back, shows up and starts to battle with Leomon, leading both of them away from T.K. While Ogremon is watching the battle, Tai arrives too and he snatches the Poyomon out of the hands of Ogremon.  Greymon starts attacking Ogremon and blasts him away. Tai notices that Garurumon needs some help with Leomon and he sends Greymon over. Devimon realizes how close he was, and he sends six black gears, flying towards Leomon. The six gears are absorbed and Leomon cries out in agony by the immense evil power. The black gears make Leomon change color (black and white) and increase in size.

Garurumon and Greymon attack but both of them are knocked down. Leomon turns to T.K. and once again Patamon tries to protect T.K. Leomon just walks right into them when Kabuterimon with Izzy and Togemon with Mimi appear. However, Leomon doesn't seem to be harmed by their attacks. Izzy tells the others about the power of their
digivices and Tai looks up with an idea. Tai walks over to Leomon, holds up his digivice and a bright light shines into Leomon's eyes. Matt sees this and joins Tai. The black gears inside Leomon all leave him and are destroyed. Leomon turns back to normal.

In a clearing, Leomon and the group of kids sit. Leomon explains to them, the Legend of the Digidestined. Long ago, their ancestors predicted that seven kids from another world would come to File Island and destroy the evil there and free all of the Digimon. The kids aren't sure if they are really the Digidestined. Leomon explains to them, that they have arrived in their time of need. Also, the Digidestined would have the power to make Digimon digivolve. They must defeat Devimon. It is all explained in the prophecy.

Leomon takes the kids to Mt. Infinity on a wooden boat and leads them toward the base of the Mountain. In his tower, Devimon is enraged, but he also laughs, because Leomon is leading the kids straight to him. Ogremon appears. Devimon looks at him and laughs. He summons several black gears. The gears fly up and towards Devimon and a huge Devimon comes out of the Mountain. He has manipulated the gears, so that it gave him a power boost! Devimon flies up and approaches the kids. He raises his hand towards the kids and unleashes a black barrier to weaken the kids and the Digimon.

Harpoon Torpedo's crash into Devimon.  Devimon turns his head and sees Joe and Ikkakumon, and Sora and Birdramon. Sora tells everybody to attack and all Digimon, except Patamon, digivolve. But they are really no match for the evil powers of Devimon and one by one they are knocked out.  When Leomon attacks Devimon, Ogremon pops out of Devimon and blasts Leomon far away into the trees.  Ogremon goes back into Devimon.  Once again all the Digimon attack but with a giant blast Devimon blasts them and the kids away and everyone is weakened by Devimon's attack. 

Devimon reaches toward T.K. Patamon slowly gets up, flies up and starts attacking over and over again. Devimon closes his hand to get T.K. but he ends up catching Patamon instead.  Patamon sacrificed himself for T.K. Devimon's evil laughter rings out and he slowly crushes Patamon. T.K.'s digivice starts to shine and also a bright light illuminates in Devimon's fist. Devimon can't stand the brightness of the light and lets go. Everyone stares in awe at the floating circle of light, now rising above Devimon's head. It is Patamon, who is finally digivolving to Angemon. A heavenly figure appears with three pairs of white feathery wings on his back, the top half of his face is covered with a metal mask with a cross on it, long orange-golden hair flows down to his waist, heavenly robes drape along his white feathery body and he holds a long staff.

A heavenly voice is heard from Angemon, "Forces of good are powerful. Even you can't stop us. I'll destroy you and bring peace to the island!" Bright light shoots out of all of the digivices and Togemon, Garurumon, Kabuterimon, Greymon, Ikkakumon and Birdramon all digivolve back to their previous forms. The lights shoot out and is absorbed my Angemon's staff. Angemon tells Devimon, "Your powers are out of control and must be destroyed. I am ready to fight for peace!" Angemon lowers his staff to waist height. Ogremon pops out out of Devimon's body, but comes in contact with Angemon's staff and Ogremon is sent flying through the trees. The staff is aborbed into Angemon's right hand and forms a glowing fist. Angemon throws a fist of light at Devimon, and a hole becomes visible in the body of Devimon. The energy beam spreads far away, even over the island. From afar, two explosions are seen. Devimon is disingrating and tells Angemon he isn't really smart using up all his power. "Evil is everywhere. There are other Digimon even more powerful then me. You haven't won at all. What a waste of time. Ha ha ha!" With that, Devimon vanishes and disingrates into thin air.

T.K. cries out to his Digimon friend. Angemon turns toward him, bright white specks of light flies away from his body. He too is disingrating. "T.K., I'll come back....if you want me to," and with that Angemon disappears. T.K. falls to his knees, sobbing for the lost of his Digimon. Single white feathers start to fall from the sky. The feathers form a pile in front of T.K., the pile starts to glow and it turns out to be an orange-white colored Digi-egg. T.K. sees it and hugs it. All the others circle around T.K. Gabumon explains that he knows that it is Angemon, but that he's just resting for a while to regain his strength. The group sees all the separated islands coming together. The evil has been defeated and the island is back together. A pile of rocks start to shake and reveals a dome like device. Light shines out and a hologram of an old man appears.  



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