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Departure for a new Continent 
(Episode 14) 

A hologram of a mysterious man appears to the children after Devimon is defeated.  He calls himself Gennai, and he's a wise, old man who tells the kids that they need to find special devices called tags and crests that will help them raise their digimon better.  He tells them to come to the continent of Server, where even more powerful digimon live.  He transmits a map to Izzy's laptop before his transmission starts breaking up.

The kids get ready to leave, but they don't have any way across the ocean.  While they're trying to think of a solution, Leomon arrives.  He announces that some friends of the Digidestineds want to see them safely on their way.  With him are all the digimon the kids freed from Black Gears on File Island. With their help, a sturdy raft is constructed in no time.  The kids set out once more.  Just before they leave T.K.'s Digi-egg starts to hatch and Poymon pops out.

After floating for a while, the kids are attacked by Whamon, a gigantic whale digimon.  He's hopping mad, and he swallows the kids whole.  Deep in Whamon's belly, the children realize they need to get out fast.  They spot a black gear buried in his side and try to destroy it. Tai climbs up to the gear on Palmon's vines and shakes it loose. Whamon blow the kids out, but he destroys their raft in the process. He's sorry for what he did and offers to take the kids to Server.  They all hop aboard.  When he hears that they're looking for the tags and crests, Whamon remembers a place where Devimon hid something in the depths of the ocean.  The kids ride inside as Whamon dives to the bottom.

They arrive at an underwater Digi-Mart, and the kids disembark. When they try to get inside, they're confronted by Drimogemon, a mole digimon with a sharp tusk.  He's controlled by a Black Gear, and he won't let them pass.  Ikkakumon and Kabuterimon stall him, and everyone runs inside.  Poyomon finds the box containing the children's tags.  After their little side-quest, everyone continues on for Server, a three day journey.  The kids now have half the tools Gennai told them about.  Will they find the crests soon?  



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