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Episode 15

The Dark Network of Etemon
(Episode 15) 

The children are traveling to the continent of Server with the help of Whamon. They soon arrive, and everyone disembarks. Mimi needs some persuasion, being afraid to slide off onto dry land. Once everyone's ready, the children set out across the land. Later, Agumon smells Koromon, and they discover a village. However, they find only Pagumon there, who take Mimi to a building for a bath. The others follow, misunderstanding the digimons' motives. They find her, and the Pagumon prepare dinner for them. During the dinner Tentomon remembers hearing that the Pagumon are pranksters and not to be trusted. The others are content to eat, though. Thanks to the food, Poyomon is able to digivolve to Tokomon again.

During the night, the Pagumon steal Tokomon and take him to a secret hiding place behind a waterfall. While they are locking him up, three Gazimon arrive. They are surprised to learn that the Digidestineds have arrived, and one goes to tell their master, Etemon. The others warn the Pagumon to keep the children in the village until Etemon can arrive. The first Gazimon arrives at a large truck pulled by a Monochromon, where Etemon reveals himself. He is shocked that the kids have already arrived, and he immediately sets out for the village.

Meanwhile, the children awake and find that Tokomon is missing. The Pagumon tell them that they have searched the waterfall and found nothing, but Agumon smells trouble. He goes out to find the little Tokomon and smells Koromon behind the waterfall. When he investigates, he finds Tokomon and cages full of captive Koromon. They tell him that the Pagumon invaded their village. Just then, the Gazimon return and hit Agumon with their Electric Stun Blast. He is weak, but he uses his Pepper Breath to create steam in the waterfall. Tai sees the steam, and everyone heads out, against the wishes of the Pagumon. Once Tai arrives, Agumon is able to digivolve to Greymon. He easily knocks out the Gazimon, but the battle isn't over yet.

Etemon has arrived. Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon, but Etemon uses his terrible music to force them to lose their energy and revert. He uses his Dark Network to destroy the Koromon village and seal everyone inside the cave. Now trapped, the Digidestineds and the Koromon head to the back of the cave, where Tai's tag begins to glow. The rear wall of the cave shines, then transforms into his crest, the Crest of Courage. The kids now have one of the seven crests, and they're far away from Etemon.




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