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Guilmon Comes Alive  (Episode 1)

digimon season 3

We arrive to find a cute little digimon (Calumon) in the middle of a battle.  He's blasted out of the digital world, into the real world.

We the flash over to find some boys (Takato Matsuki and his friend) playing the Digimon card game in a fake dinosaur playground area.  They worry they'll be late for school and Takato's friend runs off, leaving Takato to clean up a mess of digimon cards that he's dropped on the ground.  While cleaning up, Takato finds a mysterious card, a blue card in his card box.

Takato tries to slide the blue card through his card reader.  We see a flash of light, but nothing else happens... yet.

Takato is late for school, so he has to sit outside the class waiting.  While waiting, Takato decides to sketch his own Digimon character which he calls Guilmon.  

Later, the blue card turns Takato's card reader into a digivice!  The digivice then reads the sketch and information of all the papers that Takato sketched on.   Takato notices a digi-egg has popped up on the digivice -- could it be that HE has been chosen to be a digimon tamer?

Takato has a dream about a mysterious girl and her digimon (Rika and Renamon).  Rika is a great tamer, but seems awfully serious.

Takato's digi-egg opens and the digivice turns into a compass.  Takato goes in search of his new digimon.  But is someone else trying to find it too?  A strange group of people who look like they might work for the government are also tracking what they call "wild digimon".

Takato finds his new digimon, Guilmon, but is it a good thing?  Will Guilmon be his friend?  Or will Takato get cooked.



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