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Takato Matsuki

  • Jarimon (Fresh)
  • Gigimon   (In-Training)
  • Guilmon   (Rookie)
    • Pyro Sphere
    • Rock Breaker
  • Growlmon (Champion)  
    • Pyro Blast
    • Dragon Claw
  • WarGrowlmon (Ultimate)
    • Atomic Laser
    • Double Blade
  • Gallantmon (?) (Mega)


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Rika Nonaka

  • Reremon (Fresh)
  • Vixemon (Pokomon in Japan) (In-Training)
  • Renamon  (Rookie)
    • Diamond Storm
    • Wisteria Punch
  • Kyubimon (Champion)
    • Fox Tail Inferno
    • Dragon Wheel
  • Taomon (Ultimate)
    • Buddhist Brush Brandish(?)
    • Fox Seal Cards (?)
  • Sakuyamon (?) (Mega)


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Henry Wong

  • Zerimon (Fresh)
  • Gummymon (In Training)
  • Terriermon  (Rookie)
    • Bunny Blast
    • Terrier Tornado
  • Gargomon (Champion)
    • Gargo Laser
  • Rapidmon (Ultimate)
    • Rapid Fire
    • Golden Triangle
  • MegaGargomon (?) (Champion)


Extra Digimon:

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  • Impmon


  • Hypno -- this is the government agency 
    monitoring the digimon activity.  
    Agency Leader:   Yamaki
    They are located in the big two-towered 
    sky scraper in West-Shinjuku.  

    They use a program called a Yuggoth 
    to track down and destroy the wild digimon


the Yuggoth


Here are some new tamers and Digimon from the Japanese version. They haven't appeared in the American version yet, but all their Digimon have appeared in either season 1, season 2, the movie or the cards, so It'd be a good idea to work out some crafts ready for their appearence.

Jeri and Leomon (champion)
Kenta andGardromon (champion). His ultimate form is rumoured to be Andromon.
Kazu and MarineAngemon (mega, although he doesn't look it)
Suzie and Konomon (fresh) Kokomon (in-training) Lopmon (rookie), Wendigomon (champion), Antylamon (ultimate) and Kerpymon (mega)

Thanks to one of the viewers for providing a lot of this info!