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TOGEMON DIGIMON CRAFT  togemon.jpg (12406 bytes)

ATTACK:  Needle Spray

Togemon is Mimi's champion digimon on the TV show.  Sveta designed the craft for us... it looks great!  Sveta also designed the In-Training form... TanemonPalmon is the Rookie form of this digimon.

Togemon is made with a toilet paper tube, a printer, a piece of paper, some crayons, scissors and glue.  I always prefer to use a heavy paper (like construction paper), but it isn't necessary. 

Template:  color   or   black & white

Different computers work a bit differently in terms of how they print.  If the first templates don't work for you, try these instead:

Template:  color   or   black & white

I know for sure that WEB TV users will need to use this version



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