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Powerpuff Girls Episode Guide   (A thru I)

A Very Special Blossom

Blossom breaks the law during her wish to please the Professor on Father's Day.

Abra Cadaver

A dead magician, Al Lusion, returns to life as the evil Abra Cadaver to haunt the people of Townsville.  Once the greatest magician in the world, Al Lusion was exposed to be a fraud by a sweet little girl many years ago.  Now, he has returned from the dead to take revenge on the people of Townsville for laughing at him as ABRACADAVER, an evil crazed magical zombie

Bare Facts

After the Powerpuff Girls save the Mayor from Mojo Jojo, they tell him what happened except for one little detail they leave out (a lack of clothing comes to mind...)

Beat Your Greens

When Broccoli aliens from outer space invade Townsville, the Powerpuff Girls advise the kids to "Beat Your Greens."

Birthday Bash

An enemy sends some presents to the Powerpuff Girls.

Boogey Frights

The Powerpuff Girls must thwart the Boogey Man's plan to block out the sun.

Bought and Scold

When Princess buys Townsville she makes crime legal. Now the Girls have nothing to do and the town is in a shambles.

Bubble Vision

Bubbles fighting has been really terribly lately and the Professor discovers that she needs glasses. Bubbles is humiliated by these huge, horrible things and never wants to see or be seen again.


Tired of being labeled 'cute', Bubbles strives to be seen as more edgy and tough.


Buttercup puts her sisters in danger when she gets a romantic crush on the leader of the Gangrene Gang.

Candy is Dandy

When the Mayor gives the Girls some candy as a thank you for saving the day, the Girls become hooked on the stuff. They make a deal with a local villain to commit crimes just so they can get their treat. But what happens when their precious candy goes missing?

Cat, Man Do

The Powerpuff Girls save an innocent little kitty from the clutches of an evil villain.


A monster is frantically tearing up the town and the Girls have no idea how to stop him. Finally they discover that he's looking for his kitty. But in a city the size of Townsville, how can they find one lone cat?

Child Fearing

When the Mayor needs someone to babysit the Girls for him, Mojo is unwittingly drafted. Little did Mojo know that taking care of three little girls could be so hard.

Collect Her

A fan of the Powerpuff Girls wants to collect Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup.

Cootie Gras

Mojo dreams up a new scheme to keep the girls away from his evil activities.

Cop Out

A lazy Townsville cop gets fired and blames the Girls for saving the day too much and stealing his job. It's time for payback, and he has the perfect plan to stop these pintsized punks.

Cover Up

Blossom and Bubbles help Buttercup overcome her dependence on a security blanket.

Criss Cross Crisis

Another one of the Professor's plans goes awry when he tires to switch apples for oranges causing the entire town to switch from one body to another -- Mojo Jojo even ends up looking like a sweet old Grandma!  The Girls must discover who and where each of them is and how to fix this.

Daylight Savings

Exhaustion forces the girls to curtail their evening superhero activities.

Down N' Dirty

Buttercup refuses to bathe.

Dream Scheme

To get some rest, the weary Sandman puts the entire world to sleep.

Equal Fights

When the Girls try to catch a local female villain, she tells them that they can't arrest her. As women, they've got to stick together. The Girls agree and start seeing all the sexism in the world. But they're reading it all wrong and it's up to the women of Townsville to educate our heroines on the true definition of equality.

Fallen Arches

A gang of old time villains come out of retirement when they discover the town is being protected by little girls. When the Girls realize that they can't fight their elders, they must enlist the best superhero team of the past to save the city.

Film Flam

A sleazy director comes to Townsville ready to make a film about the Girls saving the day in their city. But this Hollywood-type wants more from Townsville than an Oscar winning film.

Fuzzy Logic

The girls must stop Fuzzy Lumkins from destroying Townsville.

Gesund Fight

The Amoebae Boys make all of Townsville sick, and it's up to the Powerpuff Girls to find the cure.

Gettin' Twiggy With It

Mitch is told to take care of Twiggy, the class hamster for the weekend. But the Girls don't trust him and follow him home. When Mitch flushes Twiggy down the toilet, the Girls are about to attack, but Twiggy emerges bigger and badder than ever.

The Head Sucker's Moxy

There's a mysterious villain in town who's sucking pertinent information from the brains of powerful people and committing crimes. How do the Girls trap this sucker before his next victim is drained?

Helter Shelter

Bubbles has a habit of saving helpless animals and the Professor is sick of it. When Bubbles brings a baby whale home, she and her sisters have a whale of a time hiding this new addition.

Hot Air Buffoon

The Mayor realizes that the Girls are doing all the work in his city for him. So he mans a hot air balloon and starts fighting crime-the old fashioned way.

Ice Sore

Blossom discovers that she has a new superpower - ice breath that can freeze anything she blows on.

Imaginary Friend

A new boy's "friend" starts to destroy the classroom.

Impeach Fuzz

When Fuzzy Lumpkins becomes mayor, the ex-mayor won't accept defeat.

Insect Inside

When millions of cockroaches overrun Townsville, the Powerpuff Girls fight their fear of bugs to save the city.


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