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Powerpuff Girls Episode Guide   (J thru Z)

Jewel of the Aisle

A crook hides a huge diamond in a box of the Girls favorite cereal. How can he trick the Girls into giving him some cereal and getting the jewel back?

Just Another Manic Mojo

When the Powerpuff Girls lose their baseball in Mojo's house, Mojo tries to destroy them... if he can just get them to hold still.

Just Desserts

A neighbour whom the Powerpuff Girls helped put behind bars seeks revenge.

Los Dos Mojos

A hit on the head makes Bubbles believe that she's evil Mojo.

Major Competition

A super hero named Major Man arrives in Townsville and challenges the Powerpuff Girls as the city's best crimefighter.

The Mane Event

Bubbles and Buttercup are playing with Blossom's beautiful locks when an accident happens. They try to fix it, but Blossom just ends up butchered. Now Blossom is too embarrassed to put up a good fight.

Meet the Beat Alls

Mojo, Him, Princess, and Fuzzy band together to form the Bad Four-a criminal group out to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. Everything is going great until Mojo meets Mojo Ono and falls in love.

Mime For A Change

After the Townsville Clown transforms into an evil Mime, he drains all the colour and sound from the city.

Mo Job

Mojo Jojo gives Princess the same powers as the girls.

Mojo Jonesin

Disaster strikes when a stranger gives the school children the same powers as the Powerpuff Girls.

Mommy Fearest

Professor Utonium's girlfriend baby-sits for the girls, but her new authority seems to change her personality.

Monkey See, Doggy Do

Mojo Jojo attacks the city with a laser that transforms people into dogs!

Monkey See, Doggy Two

Mojo Jojo has discovered the fatal flaw in his brilliant plan and decides to reenact it step by step. The Girls think they're experiencing déjà vu, but it's really just Mojo working his maniacal mischief.

Mr. Mojo Rising

Mojo Jojo tricks Professor Utonium into giving him super powers.


An evil villain uses Bubbles' sweet nature against her to eliminate the Powerpuff Girls.

Paste Makes Waste

The Powerpuff Girls are up against one of their paste-eating classmates who turns into a destructive Paste Monster out to destroy Townsville.

Pet Feud

The Professor creates a "perfect" pet-with on little problem.  Their evil cat is using mind control to make housecats the rulers of Townsville, and now he's using the professor as his puppet!

Ploys R' Us

The Girls wake up to find their room filled with toys. They soon figure out that the Professor has been sleepwalking-and stealing. But instead of reporting it, the Girls take advantage of the situation.

Power Lunch

The Gangreen Gang shoplifts from a mini mart, shoveling all of the terrible food in themselves as fast as possible. When the Girls shoot them with their eye beams, a strange reaction occurs giving the Gang superhuman powers.

Power Prof.

The Girls are so busy fighting crime that the Professor doesn't get to see them anymore. So he creates a super suit for himself so he can fight crime with his Girls. The Girls are having a great time with their dad until he starts cramping their superhero style.

Powerpuff Bluff

Three local criminals dress as the Powerpuff Girls and commit crimes.  The real Powerpuff Girls get put in jail!  What will become of our girls!?

The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever

The bored girls create their own indoor fun on a slow crime day.

Schoolhouse Rocked

The Gangrene Gang returns to school and soon becomes the school bullies.

Slave The Day

Big Billy becomes indebted to the girls after they save his life.

Slumbering with the Enemy

When the Girls decide to have an all girl slumber party, one villain decides he wants to crash the party. What lengths will this villain go to keep his identity hidden?

Something's a Ms.

Miss Bellum is acting very strange lately. And she keeps showing up at crime scenes. Has our favorite secretary gone to the dark side, or is there another woman involved here?

Speed Demon

When the girls accidentally fly at the speed of light, they return fifty years in the future to a grim world.

Stuck Up, Up And Away

Bratty Princess decides she wants to be a Powerpuff Girl.

Super Zeroes

The Girls don't think they have enough superhero stuff, like in the comic books. So they begin to emulate their favorite characters, complete with gadgets and gizmos, but all this stuff ends up only getting in their way.

Supper Villain

The girls must capture an evil neighbour without creating a dinner party disturbance.


The Gangrene Gang breaks into the Mayor's office and makes prank calls to the Powerpuff Girls' hotline.

Three Girls and a Monster

The Girls are once again in a furious battle with a ferocious monster. But Blossom and Buttercup can't agree on how to fight the beast and Bubbles just wants everyone to get along.

Too Pooped To Puff

The people of Townsville become too demanding of the Powerpuff Girls time.

Tough Love

A mysterious villain deploys a gas that makes the citizens turn against the Powerpuff Girls!  How can the girls defeat Him with everyone in Townsville trying to stop them?

Town and Out

When the Professor gets a new job, the Girls have to move to a new town. They try to make the best of it, but it's just not the same. In fact, it's awful.

Twisted Sister

To help fight evildoers, the Powerpuff Girls attempt to create a fourth sibling.

Uh Oh Dynamo

When the Professor fears for the Powerpuff' Girls safety, he builds a robot called the Powerpuff Dynamo to help them out.

You Snooze, You Lose

The girls assist the Amoebae Boys in building a machine that will be used for their own destruction!



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