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D, L, T & K Build a Bunk Bed!
Part 3

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How to Build a Bunk Bed (with children)

Note:  Tasha is Age 7 and Kaitlyn is Age 3

Step 1:  Go to Grandpa's house and borrow loads of tools -- one needs more than a hammer and a screwdriver to build a bunk bed.

Step 2:  Add loads of tools to daddy's birthday wish list -- this was an unexpected by-product of building the bunk bed *grin*.

Step 3:  Go to the FamilyFun magazine website (see note at the bottom of this page) and look for links to a printable version of the material list and directions for building the loft bed.  (There is also a link to an Adobe Reader version of the instructions near the bottom of the article.)   They did a great job on the directions, so I'm not going to regurgitate them all here.  I will let you know when we changed things a bit to make it a bunk bed instead of a loft bed, though.

We went to the lumber store three times.  I highly recommend you do this if transporting the wood yourself, for a few reasons:

We also skipped a number of things:

bunk bed


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NOTE: At the time this article was written the loft bed plans were available on the FamilyFun website. Since then, familyfun.com has been absorbed by family.disney.com and the content has been removed. They may bring it back at some point but in the meantime if you search for "FamilyFun loft bed plan" you may be able to find the plans or find a place to purchase the plans.