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Teaching Young Children the Bible

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How to Teach Young Children the Bible

    Young children learn by repetition and in small pieces (see Isaiah 28:9-10).  Repeat one simple Bible truth in every activity during a lesson.  Many short activities are better than a few long activities.  Vary type of activities, such as stories then crafts.  Also, vary location of activities, such as at a table, on the floor, and in chairs.
    The gateway to a young child's heart is through the five senses.  The goal is to introduce the Bible through their outward person to their heart.  They need to hear the Bible taught because, ". . .  Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10:17 NKJV).  Visual images will command a child's attention.  Touch conveys love and comfort.  Something that tastes good will satisfy their hunger and thirst.  Use of a pleasant scent is an unusual and effective way to demonstrate a verbal message.
    The most wonderful part about teaching the Bible to young children is that we have a great and mighty Helper, the Holy Spirit.  He will bear witness to the Bible truths you teach.  He will gently speak to the hearts of your children.
    Teaching preschoolers is challenging and it is FUN!  Children learn in so many different ways.  Realize that each child is different, and don't expect them to all sit down for an hour without moving.  It won't happen.  Love is the number one important ingredient in teaching them.  They will know that you love them.
    When telling a story be enthusiastic - no monotones with children.  Use your imagination and live the story with them as you tell it.  DO NOT READ IT DIRECTLY FROM A PAPER.  BORING!  As you tell a story, look at your children.  You will see if you have caught their attention.  They want to know that you care.
    Crafts are a wonderful way to teach children.  It gives them an opportunity to do something with what you have just taught them.  Whether it is stringing beads for a necklace, or coloring a picture, what they do will reinforce what you have said.


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