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You can use these trivia questions as a short quiz for the kids.  Or you can play trivia bingo.

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How to Play Trivia Bingo

Print the Picture Bingo cards from our site (they self replicate, just hit reload to get a new set)

If you have unevenly matched people (for example, we have a 3 yr old, a 7 yr old, and a couple of 30 something year olds) then 

If you have evenly matched people (ex:  a group of kids in the same grade), then

Keep in mind when reading these questions (if they seem really easy to you) that they're geared to children, not adults (though there are a few tougher questions thrown in for good measure).  The person asking the questions can go through before the game and cross out any questions they consider are too difficult or add in some questions specific to their own province or territory.


A Note from Leanne:  

It's all too easy to tease Americans about the lack of knowledge they have regarding Canada -- I can't tell you how many folks have emailed me that I spell color wrong, that a sunny +35 Celsius day is really cold, and "by the way Leanne, what the heck is a toque!?" *grin*.

Most Canadians know who the first President of the US was, along with their current leader, the number of US states, etc.  And we poke fun that the Americans don't know the same things about us.

The truly sad and scary thing is that much of the time, WE don't know the same things about us!  I recently marked a Canadian trivia challenge fund raiser for grade 1 and grade 2 students.  The kids were given the questions and the answers to study before the test.

I was shocked by how many kids answered (for example) that the country to the south of Canada is Mexico, that we have one official language (English), and that the leader of Canada is the President.  Of course, some kids also decided that the ocean to the west is called the Caribou, but we won't go into that *laugh*...

I realize that these are young children, but it gives you an idea of how influenced we are by American television -- if they'd been American kids, they would have had the answers correct.  Until we learn our own trivia, we shouldn't tease our southern neighbours (quite so much *wink*) about their lack of knowledge.