Canada paper craft

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All About Canada Paper Quilt Craft

This is a great cut and paste paper craft project for learning about Canada.  It includes some Canadian animals, symbolic Canadian icons, the Canadian flag and a map of Canada.

This turns out to be quite a large project (about 25 inches x 25 inches) and there are lots of templates to print.

Note:  If you'd like a smaller project (both in size and time) do a 4 square quilt instead of a 9 square quilt:  only print templates 1, 2, 4 and 5

Alternatively, you might like to have a group of children each make a quilt piece or two and then assembling everyone's pieces into one quilt.


Notes about the images:

Image 1:  The moose is a forest animal found in Canada.  It is the largest species of the deer family.

Image 2:  Winter is a long season here in Canada... skating is a popular sport (casual skating, figure skating, speed skating and hockey).

Image 3:  The beaver is the national animal of Canada.

Image 4:  The polar bear is an arctic animal found in parts of northern Canada.

Image 5:  The flag of Canada has three vertical stripes (red, white, red) with a red maple leaf in the center

Image 6:  The Canada goose is a common bird that breeds in Canada.  They migrate in large V-shaped flocks each spring and fall.

Image 7:  Ice hockey (we just call it hockey) is Canada's most popular winter sport.

Image 8:  Canada is the second largest country in the world by area.  It consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Image 9: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (also known as "RCMP" or "Mounties") is the national police force of Canada.  Their dress uniform is the "stereotypical" red one pictured here.  On a day to day basis, they wear a more "police officer type" uniform with a grey shirt and dark blue pants.  There are still some mounted troops, but they mostly drive cars these days.



Top Border Template       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 1       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 2       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 3       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 4       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 5       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 6       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 7       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 8       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 9       color  or   B&W

Optional Fringe Template       color  or   B&W

Optional Info About the Images        B&W only


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