DLTK's Custom Treat Bag

You can print a custom treat bag to match the custom birthday invitations and use them for quest loot bags after your child's birthday party.  The following steps will allow you to create a treat gag with the picture and title you choose.  The treat bag can be the same on front and back or you can choose to have a different look on each side. 

When you view the finished treat bag, it will look upside down.  Don't panic -- this won't impact the finished product.   Just click the link below to get started.

Ready?  Click here to begin

Michelle wrote us to share her tip regarding treat bags:  
Print only one treat bag template per bag.  Cut out the picture part only and glue it on the front of a paper lunch bag. This saved on printer ink and was much quicker in the long run for me.  Wanted to share with others in a rush.

Thanks Michelle!