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This section is a combination of existing crafts, slightly modified crafts and brand new crafts.

World Circus Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of April each year.  But you can put these crafts together anytime.  Some possible times to do them is before or after a trip to the real circus or for a birthday party with a circus theme.

Keep in mind that the ages I've indicated are for a 1 parent to 2 child ratio (basically because I have 2 kids *grin*).  When you're making crafts remember that the more children you are dealing with, the easier the crafts should be.  I wouldn't do the toilet paper roll crafts at a 3 year old birthday party, for instance.  (Although, if you pre-cut the pieces and glued the rectangle on the toilet paper roll prior to the party, it would work out ok).

circus themed crafts and coloring  

Circus Themed Activities
Coloring Pages

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Circus Themed Activities

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Circus Themed Activities
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circus themed crafts and coloring  

Circus Themed Activities

Carnival or Circus Birthday Party Games/Activities

At a circus party, play carnival type games like "Gone Fishing"


Nina, one of our viewers, wrote:

Take a look at these.  I found these for a friend who is making a circus birthday party.  These are printed and then taped or clipped to ziploc bags filled with peanuts or popcorn.  I think they are great for party favors too.  And attached is a picture of the finished look. My friend will be doing the paper bag clown craft from your site for the party as one of the activities!

A guest pass for the party? http://www.meddybemps.com/circus/circus05c.html


April, another viewer, wrote:

"I have been working on my circus theme page and I developed 3 different bag toppers.  The kids can color them.  It would be good to use these for a circus theme or as a craft at a birthday party since they are easy to make."

Popcorn Bag Topper
Peanuts Bag Topper
Treats Bag Topper


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