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Rope-Style Friendship Bracelets

Rope-Style Friendship BraceletFor fear of sounding silly... I think it's best when you make friendship bracelets for other people and when you wear friendship bracelets that were made for you by other people.

The "friends" don't have to be close friends you've known for years. They can be strangers you're trying to support or cheer up or people you're sharing a brief experience with in the moment.

Including a friendship bracelet with a letter you're sending to a penpal or great aunt or personal hero or ... whomever... gives them a little 'touchstone' that represents the time you were willing to spend on them!

40 years after they were made, I still have a little box of friendship bracelets and other precious things made by my best friends Carla, Patricia and Eileen... and relative strangers that I met for "a moment" at girl guide camps, family reunions and church functions. Knowing how much time friends and strangers invested in my little box of treasures keeps me tied to all the amazing, skilled, generous people in the world.

Isn't it amazing how much love and history a wee bit of thread can convey!




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