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This section includes crafts for a Community Helpers, My Community or Where I Live theme.

Community Helper Coloring Pages:
Community crafts and activities  

Community Helpers Coloring Pages

Community Helper Crafts for Kids:
baker or chef toilet paper roll craft  

Baker Toilet Paper Roll Craft

For other food crafts (various ages) check the "Nutrition" section.

big blue  

Big Blues Clues Paper Craft

(includes templates for a Baker and a Police officer)

Community crafts and activities  

Bobby Paper Craft - British Law Enforcement

Bobby Toilet Paper Roll Craft - British Law Enforcement

bride paper doll  

Bride Paper Doll Craft

Bride Paper Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Community crafts and activities  

Construction Section

families crafts and coloring  

Families Section

Community crafts and activities  

Fire Fighters Section

groom paper doll craft   

Groom Paper Doll Craft

Groom Toilet Paper Roll Craft

3d house paper craft  

Homes and Houses Section

judge paper doll  

Judge Paper Doll Craft

Community crafts and activities  

Mountie Coloring Pages

Mountie Doorknob Hanger

Mountie Paper Craft

Mountie Toilet Paper Roll Craft

paper craft   

Nanny N.  Paper Craft

Community crafts and activities  

Nurse Paper Craft

Nurse Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Nurse Word Search

Florence Nightingale Section


Palace Guard Paper Craft

Palace Guard Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Community crafts and activities  

Police Toilet Paper Roll Craft

robber toilet paper roll craft  

Robber Toilet Paper Roll Craft

I know he's not really a Community "Helper" but I thought the kids would have fun with him and the Police Officer...


Sailor Paper Craft

school bus paper craft  

School Bus Paper Craft

For other school Crafts (various ages) check the " Back to School" section.

Community crafts and activities  

Sailor S Alphabuddy Paper Craft

Community crafts and activities  

Sponge Bob Chef or Police Paper Craft

Print the chef or police hat that's part of the craft to make this community helpers paper craft.

Doctor Doggy paper craft  

Veterinarian: Dr.  Doggy D.  Paper Craft

Community Helpers Games and Puzzles
community helpers jigsaw puzzle  

Community Helpers Activities for Kids
On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles


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