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rain painting artworkRain Painting

Rain painting is a great activity to do with toddlers and preschoolers. Right now it's the rainy autumn season where we live -- spring's also a great time to do it.

Depending on the mood of the children, they can either roughly scribble a few colors and then see what happens when they mix or they can draw a nice outdoors scene and then let the rain streak it artistically.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate! So if you've carefully prepared the project and checked the weather forecast for rain only to have the day turn out bright and sunny, remember that you can achieve similar effects using a watering can (my daughters have always loved using the watering can -- my flower pots are grateful!), a spritz bottle or flicking drops of water with a paintbrush/toothbrush.

hailThe last time I rain painted, I ended up with a spectacular and exciting failure. My "rainy day" turned into a half hour hail storm! My young nephew turned to me at the end and whispered in a hushed sort of awe, "I think maybe we shouldn't do that craft again." It was his first experience with hail and I think he believed we'd caused the whole thing with our "rainy day activity". *laugh*

No two kids are the same. Some are fascinated by the runny, drippy outcome of the project but some are devastated by the way the rain "ruins" their art. If you're concerned about this, then just have them put "blobs" of color instead of carefully drawing a picture!



Drip Rain Painting (red and blue food color drops on paper):
Drip painting artwork


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