#013 Weedle Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Biidolu

Type:  Bug, Poison

Species:  Hairy Bug

Height:  1' 00"

Weight:  7.0 lbs

Evolution Weedle evolves to Kakuna at level 7
                     Kakuna evolves to Beedrill at level 10

Description:  While most Pokémon belong to a single category or type, Weedle feature the combined characteristics of a Bug-type and Poison-type Pokémon. Weedle have only two attack strategies, but their sting is poisonous and their String-Shot attack can temporarily reduce an enemy's speed. Weedle evolve into Kakuna and eventually into Beedrill. 

Advantages:  Grass and Psychic

Disadvantages:  Fire, Fighting, Flying, and Ghost


Gameboy Attacks:

Attack Name Red/Blue Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal
Tackle - - -
String Shot - - -


Pokemon Snap:

  • none

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

  • Catch Weedle on Route 2 in Pokemon Red, as well as Route 24, 25
    and Viridian Forest in both Pokemon Red and Blue. Weedle does not appear in
    Pokemon Yellow and can only be obtained through trade with Blue/Red owners.

Pokemon Gold/Silver:

  • G: National Park (Bug Catching Contest)
  • S: Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest, others