#015 Beedrill Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Supiaa

Type:  Bug, Poison, Flying

Species:  Poison Bee

Height:  3' 03"

Weight:  65.0 lbs

Evolution Weedle evolves to Kakuna at level 7
                     Kakuna evolves to Beedrill at level 10

Description:  It has three poisonous stingers on its forelegs and its tail. They are used to jab its enemy repeatedly.  When Kakuna reaches Level 10, it will evolve into the much more powerful Beedrill. Beedrill will eventually have the capacity to learn such attacks as Twin Needle and Pin Missile.

TP Roll Craft

Good against:  Grass and Psychic

Bad against:  Fire, Fighting, Flying, and Ghost


Gameboy Attacks:

Attack Name Red/Blue Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal
Fury Attack 12 12 10
Focus Energy 16 16 15
Twineedle 20 20 20
Rage 25 25 25
Persuit Not Learned Not Learned 30
Pin Missle 30 30 35
Agility 35 35 40

Attacks Learned Only Through Breeding:  none



Pokemon Snap:

  • none

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

  • evolve from Kakuna

Pokemon Gold/Silver:

  • G: National Park (Bug Catching Contest) or evolve Kakuna
  • S: Routes 2, others or evolve Kakuna