#069 Bellsprout Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Madatubomi

Type:  Grass/Poison

Species:  Flower

Height: 2' 04"

Weight:  9.0 lb

Bellsprout evolves to Weepinbell at level 21
Weepinbell evolves to Victreebel with Leaf Stone


Advantages:  Water, Ground, Rock

Disadvantages: Fire, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Steel, Ground

Immunities:  Steel

Description:  A carnivorous Pok√©mon that traps and eats bugs. It uses its root feet to soak up needed moisture.  Even though its body is extremely skinny, it is blindingly fast when catching its prey.  It plants its feet deep underground to replenish water.  It can't escape its enemy while its rooted.  Bellsprout often begins a battle with Growth, which will increase the power of its special attacks. It would be wise to use your most powerful attack before Bellsprout has a chance to launch an attack of its own.

Gameboy Attacks:

Attack Name Red/Blue Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal
Vine Whip - - -
Growth - - 6
Wrap 13 13 11
Poisonpowder 15 15 17
Sleep Powder 18 18 15
Stun Spore 21 21 19
Acid 26 26 23
Lure Not Learned Not Learned 30
Razor Leaf 33 33 37
Slam 42 42 45