#009 Blastoise Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Camex

Type: Water

Species:  Shellfish

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 189 lbs

Evolution Squirtle evolves to Wartortle at level 16
                     Wartortle evolves to Blastoise at level 26

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Description:  A brutal Pokémon with pressurized water jets on its shell. They are used for high speed tackles.  The final stage in the Squirtle evolution, Blastoise have a tough shell that conceals two high-pressure cannons capable of shooting hundreds of gallons of water per minute.

Advantages:  Fire, Ground, and Rock 

Disadvantages:  Water, Electric, Grass, and Dragon


Gameboy Attacks:

Attack Name Red/Blue Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal
Tackle - - -
Tail Whip - - -
Bubble - - -
Water Gun - - -
Withdraw - - -
Bite - - -
Rapid Spin Not Learned Not Learned -
Protect Not Learned Not Learned -
Rain Dance Not Learned Not Learned 42
Skull Bash 42 42 55
Hydro Pump 52 52 68

Attacks learned only through breeding:  Haze, Flail, Mist, Confusion, Foresight, Mirror Coat, Foresight



Gameboy Info:

Red/Blue: A brutal Pokémon with pressurized water jets on its shell. They are used for high-speed tackles.

Gold/Silver: It deliberately makes itself heavy so it can withstand the recoil of the water jets it fires.

The rocket cannons on its shell fire jets of water capable of punching holes through thick steel. 


Pokemon Snap:

  • none

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

  • The only way to get an Blastoise is to choose Squirtle as your starting Pokemon!

Pokemon Gold/Silver:

  • Where found: Not found in Gold/Silver. (Trade from Red/Blue/Yellow)