#012 Butterfree Pokedex

Japanese Name:  BATAFURI

Type:  Bug, Flying

Species:  Butterfly

Height:  3' 07"

Weight:  71.0 lbs

Evolution Caterpie evolves to Metapod at level 7
                     Metapod evolves to Butterfree at level 10

Description:  Its wings, covered with poisonous powders, repel water. This allows it to fly in the rain.  Butterfree's flying abilities make it more versatile than some of the other Pok√©mon you'll find early in your adventure.

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Advantages:  Grass and Psychic

Disadvantages:  Fire, Fighting, Flying, and Ghost

Gameboy Attacks:

Attack Name Red/Blue Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal
Confusion 12 10 10
Poisonpowder 15 13 13
Stun Spore 16 14 14
Sleep Powder 17 15 15
Supersonic 21 18 18
Whirlwind 26 23 23
Gust Not Learned 28 28
Psybeam 32 34 34
Safeguard Not Learned Not Learned 40

Attacks learned through breeding:  none



Pokemon Snap:

  • There are lots of Butterfree to snap shots of on the Beach.  
    Try to get a couple in the shot to get a bonus.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

  • Doesn't appear in the wild.  Evolve it from from Metapod.

Pokemon Gold/Silver:

  • G: Routes 2, others
  • S: National Park (Bug Catching Contest)